Schools do amazing things. They help shape the people who cure diseases, build rockets, and invent iPhone apps for swapping faces with our cats. Schools provide resources for people who change the world. Our videos help sustain those resources.


Whether the goal is to reach potential donors, or engage prospective students, our videos hone in on stories that incite action. We capture anecdotes from students and staff that are compelling, funny, and authentic. It's hard not to get behind a mission once you've met the people whose lives it's changed. 

The Results

  • $3.75 million raised in 24 hours for the MIT Annual Fund in 2019

  • $3.41 million raised in 24 hours for the MIT Annual Fund in 2018

  • $75,000 raised for educational programs in underserved communities

  • Our videos have funded scholarships, travel grants, sports team trips, public service grants, and innovative educational initiatives

  • In 2019, Lightning Bulb Productions picked up a national award for Fundraising and Alumni Relations Excellence!

"The skill and attention to detail at Lightning Bulb Productions is unmatched."

—  Chris O'Neill, President,

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